The health benefits are as many as the environmental benefits. By changing to reusable tampons you will also say no to all plastics, chemicals and perfumes that some disposable products might contain.
Many people that experiencing problems like yeast infections feel that their vaginal health is much improved when changing their sanitary protection from disposable ones to reusable pads and tampons. Our cloth tampons are made of 100% organic cotton, a natural material that absorbs well and is kind and gentle to your body. Another awesome thing about reusable tampons is the environmental impact. By not using disposables you will no longer be a part of the plastic industry and all the damage that it will make during production and after disposal. Zero waste your period!

During the menstruating years, an average menstruating person will use between 12,000-16,000 disposable sanitary products. After just one single use, the product and its wrapper will be disposed and unfortunately, many of them end up in nature somehow. We have all seen the shocking images from our oceans around the world, over flooding with plastic waste.

As stated previously, an average of 12,000-16,000 pads and tampons are used by one single person during a lifetime. Translate this into money and the amount used for sanitary protection is quite staggering! By changing to reusable options the money saved in the end is quite a lot! Money that can most likely be used for other, better and more enjoyable things. Stop throwing your money away by buying disposable products, reuse your money by using reusable tampons!

There should be no problems using tampons when you have a contraceptive coil inserted.

This will depend on the size of the tampon and on how heavy or light your menstrual flow is. If you are using a size too large for you flow, it might feel a little bit dry when taking the tampon out. Change to a smaller size if so. A tampon is recommended to be changed every 4-6 hours.
The menstrual flow normally varies during your cycle. Use the larger sizes for the heavy days, and the smaller sizes towards the end of the menstrual cycle when the flow is usually a bit lighter. Don’t forget to remove the old tampon before inserting a new.

We have a 10-year warranty on our sanitary products. How long they will last before losing its function depends on the handling and washing of the products. Make sure to read and follow the washing instructions.

You can sleep with the tampon, although you should not leave it in for longer than 4-6 hours. Therefore it is not recommended to use it overnight since most people sleep for more than 6 hours a night.

Reusable tampons are very well suited for working out and living an active lifestyle. To avoid leakage, change to a new tampon prior to your workout routine.

Yes, you can! We recommend changing your tampon before and after your swim.

This is how you use a reusable tampon:

  1. Wash your tampons before first use. You can wash them in the washing machine or put them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Let dry.
  2. Wash your hands. Always have clean hands when handling your tampons. Start by rolling the tampon, start from the side without the string attached to. Roll it quite tight and secure the rolled up tampon with the string by wrapping it one round around the tampon.
  3. If you prefer you can secure the string by making a simple knot to keep the roll tight.
  4. Check that the string is secured by pulling it. Relax and insert the tampon as far as possible up and back into the vagina. The cord should be hanging outside of the vagina. You will need it when removing the tampon.
  5. When it’s time to change the tampon, pull the string to get the tampon out. If you find it hard to remove, it might be because the tampon is too big for your menstrual flow and hasn’t absorbed enough fluids. Try a smaller size next time.
    If you can’t find the string, squat down and thrust in the same manner as you would if you were number two. Insert two fingers and grab the tampon and pull it out. If you are unable to remove the tampon by yourself, please contact a gynaecologist.

A used tampon can be handled in different ways. Here are a few examples of how it can be done. Find a routine that works for you!

  1. You can rinse the tampon in cold water straight after use and let them dry before washing or put them in the washing machine straight away.
  2. Or keep them in a wet bag until laundry day.
  3. Or perhaps lett hem soak in cold water with a little bit of salt in it a couple of days before washing them. Just be sure to rinse the tampons before soaking them or the water will look like a bloodbath!

To get rid of any staining you can use our citrus soap, an effective and natural stain remover, before washing them. Use cold water to get rid of blood stains. Hot water will not work on blood stains. The tampons can be washed together with your regular laundry. Soaking the tampons prior to washing is not something that needs to be done, but more of a personal choice. Just rinsing them and putting them in the machine works just as well. We recommend using a laundry bag for the tampons to avoid any tampons being tangled up and stuck in the machine. Wash the tampons in the machine with a temperature of 40-95°C using your regular washing detergent. Don’t use any fabric softener! It will decrease the absorption capacity and is not healthy for your vaginal health. Try using a little bit of vinegar instead of fabric softener.

Let the tampons hang dry to take care of them and make them last longer. You can also tumble dry them if preferred. If you want to make sure that the tampon is clean, you can put the tampon in boiling water for a couple of minutes.

Changing and handling reusable tampons when you’re not at home can seem a little bit awkward and messy to some. Like in school, at work, at the gym or in a café. The best solution to this problem is our mini wet bags! A mini wet bag is a small and discreet little bag, lined on the inside with laminated polyester to make them leak proof. Keep your used menstrual products in them until you get home and can take of them properly. Simple as that!

The tampon is made of 2 layers of organic cotton.

The tampon will absorb the blood.

Yes, there’s no problem with using a tampon before being sexually active.

A tampon that is inserted correctly should not cause any discomfort. If you can’t feel the tampon and it’s not leaking, it is correctly inserted.

Does the thought of handling your own period/blood make you feel uneasy? It is quite normal. For many years we have been taught to hide away our periods and most of us are not used to even seeing our own menstrual blood, let alone handle it. Fortunately, after just a couple of times, you will quickly get used to it and before long, won’t even think about it. Periods are normal and healthy and there is nothing to be ashamed of and most people transitioning to reusable pads and tampons will start seeing their menstrual cycles as a much more natural way than before. Get to know your period!